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Daily Table personas correctly identified! + Field Research

Pretty happy to say that I correctly identified key user groups before doing any field research! I conducted some field research and observations November 3rd 12:00pm - 1:00pm at the Daily Table grocery store in Roxbury. The store only had a few people during this time, and after a conversation with the store manager, this seems to be the normal occupancy.

Of those in the store, one was a medical student who lived across the street. Another was a Somalian mother daughter duo in the neighborhood. Others included non-profit volunteers, halfway housers, and low income baby boomers.

I also approached local shoppers as well as the store manager about their experiences.

For many shoppers, it was their first or second time in the store; although the Roxbury location has been open for about a year now. Out of the five user groups that I talked to, one was recommended by a roommate while others became aware of the brand after driving or walking pass the store.

The store manager was quick to suggest that “people come in and they think it’s great because it’s affordable, but most don’t even know about the mission.” He says his goal is to “bring community awareness to this place and help them understand the mission.” He also said that he wants people to know that “Fast food is not the only cheaper option”.

After playing consumer and buying some bananas, protein bars, and prepared meals (jerk halibut and rice and beans, yum!) at a grand total of $6.50, I think it’s safe to say that Daily Table is healthy, affordable, and delicious. It’s time to get the word out!

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